Original content, including books and videos,

to help you understand and navigate

the Florida Divorce Process.

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In addition to original content not offered anywhere else, we have created

different courses to help educate, including:

Divorce 101

Register for our complete course in the Florida Divorce process.  You will receive an overview of the process itself, things you need to know and be aware of, and information you need to protect yourself.  This is useful whether you have an attorney or not.

Complete Divorce system™

You can purchase the forms, the complete guides, the educational videos separately or you can purchase as the complete system™ if you are intending on representing yourself or the divorce is "uncontested"

Protecting your two most important things...

your family and your finances

We have materials useful for those at all stages of the divorce process, whether it is just in the exploration of filing stage, ready to file, already started, or almost through, there are materials to help educate you.

Complex cases or high conflict

We have several specific items to address concepts with complex cases or high conflict cases - including difficult co-parenting matters. 

Information and Resources

We have compiled a comprehensive set of original content, including video, audio and written to help explain the overall concepts in the Florida Divorce and specific common issues.

Forms and Instructions

We have original forms and instructions to help guide you through the process. 

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