The Problem With Attorney/Lawyer Ratings in Family Law

December 5, 2017

A quick google of my name will bring up some horrible reviews.  A total of 3.  I have represented over 1,500 in the near 14 years I have been practicing family law/divorce.  This entire time the internet and google have been a thing.  I have been successful in all areas of Florida.  Yet these 3 reviews drive me crazy.  2 of the reviews are from the same person, a person I never represented.  She had a consult scheduled in my office that had to be cancelled because her Husband had came in right before her so I was "conflicted out" and could not discuss anything with her.  She leaves a review as if I was her attorney and describes the "horrible" experience she had with me.  I wish I had the ability to locate her to sue her as I believe she is intentionally inflicting me with distress and creating a tortious interference with business relationships.  The other is somebody that wrote a review in 2016 from a 2009 case that I have no recollection of.  This infuriates me as well.  


This sample size is large enough that this .002% negative rate is something I can live with, however the way it appears on the search engines is that I have not been as amazing an attorney as I have been.  I have been successful and respected all over this state.  Family law can be a negative experience for people but I always represent everyone aggresively and fairly.

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