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I have been a huge fan of this product since I first learned about it in 2012. First created in 2001, I did not become aware of this until the height of social media messaging/text messaging/email evidence became extremely difficult to present. Our Family Wizard is an excellent solution for parents:

Having Difficulty Communicating With Each Other


One Parent Refusing to Communicate or Answer Questions

Abusive Language/Behavior

Our Family Wizard is a central hub that keeps track of all the communications and allows 3rd parties (or the Judge!) the ability to monitor the communications. This has been one of the most helpful products in dealing with co-parenting communication issues since I began practicing in 2004.

I was such a fan of this product, that I became an affiliate. That means that if you purchase this product through my link, I receive a commission. The product is the same cost to you. I recommended this product long before I became an affiliate and I will continue to recommend this product if I stop becoming an affiliate. I honestly believe this product works and I have seen it work hundreds of times since I first discovered it.

I would ask that if you are going to purchase this product ($99 per year), you use this code and help support this site/channel/effort.

Our Family Wizard

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