Managing Client Expectations

It is important to make sure that your client is always clearly aware of the likelihood of the outcomes that are being pursued. #UndersellandOverdeliver.

We have all dealt with clients who were given ridiculous expectations from another attorney. Whether this was done to ensure a retaining client or for lack of understanding, you still have the difficult task of trying to bring the expectations down to a manageable level.

The Marriage and positive aspects of the early relationship probably started like this.....

...the client now finds a new life-altering reality.

You owe it to your client to be extremely transparent and honest about expectations. This is not always easy to do. Whether you are becoming roped in to the emotional aspects or there is a misunderstanding of the facts and existing state of the law, you must be #soberingly direct about what the end results are likely to be based upon the situation your client finds themselves in.